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Nereida Ortiz

Mi nombre es Nereida Ortiz y cuando comencé este camino era unapaciente de presión arterial alta, colesterol alto y teniaqueusar un dispositivo de apnea del sueño para dormir. ¡¡¡Hoy estoy fuera de TODOS los medicamentos para esas enfermedades y el dispositivo de apnea desapareció!!! Me siento tan feliz y poder caminar durante una hora y no sentirme cansada o con dolor es la major sensación.
Otra cosaesque mi ropadesde la talla 16 de pantalón hasta la talla 4 esincreíble. ¡Amarmetodos los días y cuidar mi salud ha sido mi prioridad número uno ahora!.Muchas gracias a Joan porestar hay para mi desde antes y despues de mi operacionque a estadopendiente a mi nutricion me encanta su apoyo me siento tan feliz con la decision tomada para mi bienya e perdido mas de 60 libras de 220 a 146.
Muchas Gracias Joan

For years I have been battling with my weight. I was always active, but I wasn't getting enough sleep. Working 8 night shift or 12 hours pm to am shift. My diet consisted of Coffee, Bread with cheese, coffee and more coffee. Soon after retirement, I was still active but much less. The weight was getting worse. Then I started with thyroid issues. Not able to digest my food. One problem after the next. My doctor connected with Ms. Joan Cornier, nutritionist. Joan listened ( important factor). She came up with a plan to help me with food choices, how and when to eat. Also do's and Don'ts. After my surgery I continue to follow up with Joan. She has always made time to speak, connect by text and group meetings. Her professionalism is beyond words. Every month Joan keeps me updated with News, about food choices, recipes, grocery tips and health care. She makes you feel that you're not alone in this journey.
Love you Joan

This has been a life changing experience. My diabetes is gone, my high cholesterol is down to normal levels so no more medicine needed for those and my high blood pressure has decreased dramatically. I've lost close to 100 lbs in 8 months from 270 to 176 and feel like a new person.
Joan gave me the dietary know-how to be able to sustain this weight loss while keeping myself healthy.

Here’s a before and after that I still can’t wrap my head around. Teetering between 95 and 100 lbs lost, it’s hard to believe that not only have I lost the weight, but I’ve been able to maintain it. I am more active than I ever have been and I am no longer ashamed of how I look. I love who I’ve become and that has made me a better wife and mother.
Even at 18 months post surgery, the support from Joan, the monthly nutrition meetings and our Group Me chat continues to be a huge part of my weight loss journey.

It’s not the best photos but this is when I saw my change for the first time like when I actually saw for myself I believe I was 309 in the red dress or close to it. The photo in the stripped dress was about 3 to 31/2 months post op. It’s been a real roller coaster of emotions but I’m happy and looking forward to losing more weight. No regrets I’m thankful for this tool and hope to continue to slowly reach my goal.

I feel so much healthier now! Joan has helped me get through this process and is still helping me out! Thanks Joan for always being there to help when I have questions!

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I had surgery on September 1, 2022 (Gastric Bypass) by Dr. Chetan Patel. My highest weight was at tops 283lbs. Currently today at the age of 44, I am in my onederland weighing at 194lbs. This surgery has been great. I feel better, Sleep Better and acknowledge that I am more acceptable to who I am and able to maintain my health. I encourage you to know that on this Journey that You got this!! If you feel like you are not accomplishing nothing, please stop now, because you are. Don't give up. Just know you have that Support System there to get you through this. Continue being a fighter that takes charge of your Health like so many of us did. You got this!

Joan, I want to thank you for your guidance on how and what to eat through this journey.
So far I have lost 62 pounds in 4 month and feeling super good and healthier already.
Can’t wait to see myself at my goal weight.

I feel soooooo much better!! more energetic I was on 10 medications and now I'm on none I can actively keep up with my 5 yr old I'm exercising more eating better I'm just in a happy space enjoying the new ME.

I want to thank Joan C. for being the nutritionist who instructed me in the process of this stage of my life.
Thank you for the advice and help you give me when I needed a food routine for my process.

Thank You so much for helping me in my weight loss journey. You were positive and realistic. Your Meal plans offered variety and creativity with my foods.

I had gastric bypass one year ago. I’ve had two other surgeries since then. Joan has been there every step of the way. My doctors have thrown curve balls for my nutritional needs and Joan never faltered to find solutions for my needs. She evolves her nutritional guidance as your journey evolves. I could not have succeed without her. I am grateful for her guidance and care.

You taught me that food is NOT a reward but to sustain my body. Also the importance of better types of proteins, like chicken breast verses wings! I look at food so differently and now reward myself with experiences like getting a mani, pedi or massage vs having ice cream! 
Today is my 50th bday and I’m feeling fabulous!

Joan helped me kick start my healthy lifestyle journey by teaching me how to eat again; smaller portions, healthy choices, and providing accountability and resources for support via the Facebook group and Instagram!! I feel like I have been successful and will continue to be successful because I know I am not alone
- Thank You Joan, Dr. Fizser and my Husband (Heith).

Joan helped learn portion control and prepared me for surgery. I lost 60lbs in 4 months. I have lost 60lbs. It is so fun picking it clothes now.

I feel amazing and have so much energy. I spend so much more time with my grown children doing fun activities like pickle ball and going to Universal Studios walking everywhere and riding rides. As far as making this work. If you don't have the dietary help and psychological assistance you just can't make this work. You need the supportive people to help you along your path. If I did not learn how to eat properly I would not be where u am today. Thank you to everyone who have been in my corner.

I started out at 357 lbs, my surgery weight (6-2-21) I was 311 lbs, and now today 12-21-22 I am 208lbs. I have hit stalls, but no weight gain during this journey. I still cannot eat a large amount of food and anything with sugar bothers my stomach (which I think has helped with my weight loss. I don’t have a goal weight I just wanted to be healthy. This has not been easy but it has paid off and I know I made the right choice.

Almost a year later after my life changing bariatric operation, Joan has been there since the beginning. She always gives me the attention I need to help me, even during the most difficult times. She's always guided me through everything. She always made herself available, especially a year after my process. I'm very grateful for her guidance and recommendations for everything.
Thank you for still helping me and working with me, Joan.

I couldn’t have started this journey without Joan’s help before the surgery. My relationship with food was awful! I was an emotional eater. After meeting with Joan, I learned how to and what to eat. Those sessions stayed with me throughout my process and are a result of what you see now!

Joan Cornier thank you for guiding me after my surgery! Without your help, this would not have been possible. Thanks to your advice and new habits of life, today I feel more energetic and healthy. You are totally my #1 Dietitian! I highly recommend you to everyone! Lots of blessings.

I can't not express how much you have helped me. Your help meant so much and the tips you gave me along the way. Thank you for being there when I needed you to share all the nutrition tips to help me. I feel so much better! It has helped me so much with my self esteem!


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